Finding Latitude and Longitude

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Geocoding Services
Geocoding is the process of matching latitude and longitude coordinates with a street address. There are a number of sites that provide geocoding services, such as The underlying database, however, has limitations and the results are sometimes off, especially for rural areas so be sure to check the accuracy if you use a geocoding service. 

Geocoding With Google Earth
Geocoding with Google Earth is easy and accurate.
  1. In Google Earth, navigate to the approximate location. (Click here for Google Earth Navigation help). 
  2. Click on the Placemarker icon. This will add a placemarker to the center of the map and open a placemark window (the marker might be under the window.)

  3. Move the placemarker to the desired location. The placemarker icon may be under the placemarker window - just drag the window to the side to see the marker. Once the marker is in the correct location, the latitude and longitude coordinates may be copied from the placemarker window.

    Tip: Use Ctrl-v to paste to the Narrative1 database form. (Ctrl-c copies to the Windows clipboard, Ctrl-v pastes).

For the subject, the latitude and longitude coordinates are entered on the Site Description worksheet; for the comparables, in the database.